Petty John’s Cave is a karst cave located in Walker County, Georgia on the east side Pigeon Mountain in the Appalachian Plateau of Northwest Georgia. It has a surveyed length of 31,490 ft and reaches a depth of 235 ft. The cave is accessible via a path from a gravel parking area on the side of Rocky Lane. Out of the 242 listed, it is 119th longest cave in the United States as declared by the Georgia Speleological Survey.[1]

Petty John’s Cave is a very popular cave for local students and spelunkers. It is a horizontal cave, but a 50 ft handline is the recommended kit when visiting the cave. Petty John’s cave is a wild cave, not a commercial cave, and one should only enter with the proper equipment and training, e.g. three sources of light, water, a helmet, boots, and appropriate clothing. Many would-be explorers are injured here each year. Those interested in exploring this cave and others should contact a local caving club, or grotto. Some of the best grottoes in the country are located very near Petty John’s Cave. Grotto members are involved in conservation, cave rescue, and exploration.



Walker County, GA

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