The Chattanooga Roller Girls (CRG) were founded in 2008 with the hope of bringing together free-thinking, strong women to experience roller derby in Chattanooga while giving back to their community. Roller Derby allows women to appreciate and understand their bodies as strong and amazing, forcing them to un-learn years of negative connotations with before-considered imperfections. Roller derby fosters the creation of a bond with like-minded women with varying backgrounds and skill sets, giving the team itself strength in numbers and diversity. CRG is a team based on sportswomanship, fair play, and athleticism.

CRG spent 2008 organizing, training and learning the basics of the sport, and pulling a team together from scratch. Throughout 2009, the team grew and with that growth came a solid structure, leadership, and a strengthening of the organization. In 2009, CRG experienced both their first out-of-town and home games. In December of 2009, CRG was overwhelmed and excited to see the outpouring of support from Chattanooga as the fans packed the room for their exhibition bout.

The Chattanooga Roller Girls are a non-profit women’s flat track roller derby team. We are members of the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association).



1 Carter Plaza, Chattanooga, TN, United States



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