The Chattanooga Hiking Club is a nonprofit member-supported organization that promotes a program of hiking and camping adventures to outdoor enthusiasts of all social and economic backgrounds and of all skill levels. We are concerned with the environment and believe in conservation of our wonderful natural resources. We appreciate the trails that we use and those who make those trails available to us; consequently we try to give back by doing our share to maintain those trails. We appreciate the little bits of beauty along the trail, the flowers and moss and ferns, as much as the waterfalls and spectacular scenic vistas. But mostly we love hiking and camping and sharing those outdoor experiences with long-time good friends and those welcomed newcomers who may soon become good friends.

We go in all seasons; surprisingly enough to many folks (sometimes including us) winter is often our favorite time for hiking. We don’t necessarily let rain or snow deter us, unless stormy forecasts seem to present a real danger. July and August we dial it down a bit to allow for the heat and humidity, but we don’t take those months off by any means. We often do what we call “easy” hikes, but we take our hiking seriously; we tackle a wide range of distances, elevation changes, and types of terrain underfoot. We hike close to home, or maybe drive anywhere from one to three hours each way for a hike; and once in a while we do an overnight “road trip” just to hike at some special place. And when it fits the schedule, a restaurant lunch or dinner after a hike is always a great way to top off the day.



chattanooga, tn

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